2xPacks of Anti Adipose Natural Herbal Tea 2x75g,No Additive

2xPacks of Anti Adipose Natural Herbal Tea 2x75g,No Additive
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2xPacks (60 bags) of Anti Adipose All Natural Herbal Tea No Chemical Additive 2x75g

Bilec - Bulgaria 


  Herbal tea for Adipose, Hyperlipemia, Habitual Constipation .

  Weight Loss : Anti-Adipose tea is efficient in weight loss programs. It lessens body fat and regulates the digestive tract functions .

  Detoxifying effect : The green tea in combination with the other herbs can help the body to clean itself from the toxins .

  Laxative Effect : Anti-Adipose tea is efficient in habitual constipation. During the first couple of days it may cause colic owing to the clearing and cleaning properties of the herbs. Anti-adipose tea's action is predictable and non habit forming .

  Direction for use : Take one bag and steep it in boiling water in a cup for 2-3 minutes, then drink it once a day, evening, after meal .

  INGREDIENTS : Mallow, Bamboo Leaves, Apricot, Lotus, Green Tea, etc   


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