Anti Cellulite Slimming Effect Body Gel,Deva,200 mL,Natural

Anti Cellulite Slimming Effect Body Gel,Deva,200 mL,Natural
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  • Manufacturer: Deva
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Anti Cellulite Body Gel With Slimming Effect With Natural Additives 200 mL



  Anti Cellulite Body Gel with caffeine and natural cola, ivy and horse chestnut extracts. Anti-cellulite body gel DEVA is an efficient modern product, which prevents the formation and reduces the storage of cellulite depots and smoothes the skin .

 It disintegrates fats and removes the orange-like appearance of the skin eliminating then unevenness which is a result of the cellulite formations .

 The gel contains 3% caffeine that has the ability to impede fat accumulation in cells and facilitates the elimination of fats in the periphery .

 The continuous action of the gel is due to the high percentage of the specially selected natural active ingredients bringing about loss of weight .

 USAGE : Apply with gentle massage movements to clean and dry skin in the problem areas of the body. We recommend using the product twice a day, morning and evening .  


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